tmserver.jtui package

Module contents


tmserver.jtui.api module

Jterator user interface view functions.

tmserver.jtui.api.check_project(*args, **kwargs)

Checks pipeline and module descriptions.

tmserver.jtui.api.create_joblist(*args, **kwargs)

Creates a list of jobs for the current project to give the user a possiblity to select a site of interest.

tmserver.jtui.api.delete_project(*args, **kwargs)

Removes .pipe and .handles files from a given Jterator project.

tmserver.jtui.api.get_available_channels(*args, **kwargs)

Lists all channels for a given experiment.

tmserver.jtui.api.get_available_modules(*args, **kwargs)

Lists all available Jterator modules in the JtLibrary repository.

tmserver.jtui.api.get_job_output(*args, **kwargs)

Gets output generated by a previous submission.

tmserver.jtui.api.get_job_status(*args, **kwargs)

Gets the status of submitted jobs.

tmserver.jtui.api.get_module_figure(*args, **kwargs)

Gets the figure for a given module.

tmserver.jtui.api.get_module_source_code(*args, **kwargs)

Gets the source code for a given module.

tmserver.jtui.api.get_project(*args, **kwargs)

Gets the Jterator Project for a given experiment. It consists of a pipeline description (“pipe”) and several module descriptions (“handles”).

tmserver.jtui.api.kill_jobs(*args, **kwargs)

Kills submitted jobs.


Lists all names of active module in the pipeline.


pipeline: dict

pipeline description



module names

tmserver.jtui.api.run_jobs(*args, **kwargs)

Runs one or more jobs of the current project with pipeline and module descriptions provided by the UI.

This requires the pipeline and module descriptions to be saved to pipe and handles files, respectively.

tmserver.jtui.api.update_project(*args, **kwargs)

Saves modifications of the pipeline and module descriptions to the corresponding .pipe and .handles files.